We offer the most selected cacao beans harvested on farms around the Serranía de los Yariguíes National Park, Eastern Cordillera of the Andes, in the municipalities of El Carmen de Chucurí and San Vicente de Chucurí, located in the department of Santander, Colombia.

These two municipalities have more than 50 years of experience in this crop and generate around 30% of the country’s cacao production.

In this region we have a variety of trinitarian or hybrid cacao with fine flavor and aroma that offer accentuated fruit notes ranging from dried fruits, caramel, citrus to the most delicate notes of red fruits.

Since 2013, Bosques de Cacao Yariguíes has been working on the improvement of practices and knowledge development around the postharvest to achieve the best levels of fermentation and the elimination of defects in our cacaos and thus offer the best of our harvest to the choicest BeanToBar chocolatiers around the world, framed under the philosophy of:

  • Fair Trade
  • Direct trade
  • Environmental care
  • Agroforestry cacao crops
  • Social and sustainable development
  • Protection of genetic diversity
  • And responsible consumption.

Promoting the recovery of our regional genetics by promoting the search and reproduction of criollo cacao or with a high genetic content.

Since 2015 in Bosques de Cacao Yariguíes, we have been developing a cultural and promotional program around the Colombian cacao, through a volunteer program (where through some web platforms, we receive requests from people from all over the world, who wish to remain minimum 3 weeks with us on the farm learning about working with cacao), this with the purpose of promoting the culture of cacao and position Colombia as a producer of fine cacao in flavor and aroma.

That is why when you buy our cacao you are not only buying an excellent product but you are also taking a portion of the history of Colombia, you are supporting socially responsible work and you are helping ChocolateLovers from all over the world to interact with the producers of the region and Enjoy in the middle of our cacao crops.

At the beginning of 2018 we can say that we have received more than 100 visitors from different parts of the world with whom we have shared our love for cacao, learning about the importance of BeanToBar chocolate and the creation of relationships of trust.

Our Products

  • Cacao origin of specific farms, with characteristics of specific flavor and aroma.

  • Cacao origin of a group of specific producers. (For requirements exceeding 12 tons / year)

  • Cacao Nibs with the toasting protocol (temperature and toasting time) agreed with the client.