Located in the Vereda Honduras, in the municipality of El Carmen de Chucuri, Santander and next to the Serranía de los Yariguíes National Natural Park is the Finca la Floresta, where around 50 years ago our grandparents, Don Basilio Beltrán and don Miguel Marin colonized these mountains, today it is the epicenter of the Bosques de Cacao Yariguíes project, a project of Beltran Marin Inversiones Agropecuarias SAS (BELMIN SAS).

Our goal is to raise awareness of the culture of cocoa growing in the region with more tradition and greater production of cocoa beans in Colombia (the Chucuri region), generating identity in the region’s inhabitants and showing the value of chocolate in the different places around the world where chocolate lovers come to know our cocoa crops.

Generate work, create new economic alternatives in the region, promote the development of the industry of cocoa byproducts in the region, promote that the children of our cocoa producers remain in the countryside with better living conditions, show our natural riches, help conserve, preserve and promote the care of the environment around the PNN Serranía de los Yariguíes, and the conservation and propagation of the criollo varieties of cocoa in the region, are also some of our objectives. As well as providing the best experience to the people who visit us, who have the opportunity to learn about this cacao crop, enjoy our nature (waterfalls, bird watching, mountains, caves and others) and fall in love with a “land with Cocoa smell and chocolate flavor.”